Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Shakuhachi Forum shuttered for lack of decency

But, really folks, it's been pretty indecent for a while with self-described "zen priests" writing in-depth about their personal brand of pornography(ies). Then there are those who were using the forum as their personal pimp, whether to show off their drying urushi or creating daily chatter to promote workshops. Perhaps it was the painfully long, self-obsessed soliloquies ...

Then ... THEN, we had The Perfect-Bore Jiari Scientists Versus The Wild Jinashi Hippies. Nobody won that one.

In the meantime, if you just want to rant at another flute player or say something indecent about a jiari, go to Google Groups and search for International Shakuhachi Collective. Join so you can rumble in the jungle, dudes and dudettes! Mud wrestle till your hearts' content, just please do it with your clothes on. We'll give the tired old-fogies at the BBQ their well deserved rest. Hopefully it'll just be a brief summer snooze.

If you have any REAL shakuhachi news please comment on this post and I'll develop a real, independent post out of your comment if it is fit to print.

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