Thursday, August 7, 2008

New Push-Button All-Ryu Shakuhachi!

"The Shakuhachi Hero of the Shakuhachi World"
shown here with the Deluxe Push-Button Shika-no-Tone
and optional B-52 Ro toggle switch.
(Pictured with Tozan-ryu button selected):
Click for Larger Image
Also available with the following exciting options:

The Sub-Ryu Magic Mixer Mojo Pedal!

For Jin Nyodo you'd press down Myoan, Real Myoan and Kinko simultaneously.

For Brian Ritchie's Tairaku-ryu, you'd press down the same plus Watazumi, then add some Aoki Reibo II Chorus-Fuzz Fusion with the pedal. (Either that or you do something simple like reinvent shakuhachi music in the West.)

... And we are in the course of developing a new Minyo Bobble-Head option to aid in delivering those pesky long vertical yuri effects that Yoshizawa Masakazu-sensei was so fond of teaching.