Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Some people responsible for the Great Western Shakuhachi Transmission

Listed alphabetically by family name:
Elizabeth Reian Bennet
Christopher Yohmei Blasdel
Mary Lu Brandwein
Dr. Kiku Day
Tom Deaver
Brian Franklin
Jim Franklin
Philip Gelb
Michael Chikuzen Gould
Peter Hill
Phil Nyokai James
Bruce Jones (Shakuhachi Mailing List)
Kurahashi Yodo
Kurahashi Yoshio (Yodo II)
Ken Mujitsu LaCosse
Steve Lacy (Jazz soprano saxophonist/student of Watazumi)
Patricia Lee
Dr. Riley Lee
Monty Levenson and family
Andrew MacGregor
Masayuki Koga
Dan E. Mayers (International Shakuhachi Society)
Mejiro Co. online (Saori)
Ron Nelson (International Shakuhachi Society)
John Kaizan Neptune
Alcvin Takegawa Ramos
Stan Kakudo Richardson
Brian Tairaku Ritchie
Sakai Shodo
Ralph Samuelson
James Nyoraku Schlefer
Ronnie Nyogetsu Reishin Seldin
Bill Shozan Shultz
John Singer
Sogawa Kinya
Barry Nyosui Weiss
David Wheeler
Yamaguchi Goro
Yokoyama Katsuya
Yoshida Seifu
Yoshizawa Masakazu
Perry Yung

All of the administrators, moderators and participants at

... and, of course, many others.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

'Start Here'

Every blog starts with a first entry, no matter how mundane.

So let me try to expand on the mission statement of this experiment in bamboo journal-ism.

It exists as a place to point views and exchange ideas about shakuhachi in the context of a phenomenon I could call the Great Western Shakuhachi Transmission — the transcultural sharing of an enormous fund of knowledge about the music and technique of a profound musical instrument. Not unlike the transmission of buddhism in the western hemishere.

The best reason for this blog to exist is to create dialog without any strings attached. It is independent of any schools, teachers, makers or dealers.

My opinions are my own. If you want to dialog with me here - however dissenting or fierce - you may do so under your real name or a screen name. Only my back-end needs to flap in the breeze.

You will need a valid email address, however, so I may contact you through back channels if necessary. I need to know, if nothing else, that I am communicating with real people.

Writing a comment will not guarantee that comment's publication. Although I love my opinions and views to be challenged right to the hilt those challenges have to be publishable; not abusive, not obscene. Humor is appreciated. But ultimately respect for the shakuhachi tradition - in all of its magnificent forms - is king.

Lates. --cm