Wednesday, May 19, 2010

WSF 2008 Vids gets raving review before DVDs are even seen!

No sooner than festival producer Riley Lee announced the release of the Sydney World Shakuhachi Festival 2008 DVDs, than a minor participant in the event publicly thrashed the producers for not including ALL listed festival performers in the final edits of the festival videos.

After all, if Google can keep their eye on everyone, why can't Riley?

To read the details see:

Monday, May 17, 2010

May 2010: Sydney World Shakuhachi Festival 2008 DVDs!

The long awaited DVDs of the Sydney World Shakuhachi Festival 2008 are finally now on sale!

This link takes you to the "WSF08 DVD order page", which has all the information you need to order these DVDs.

These timeless DVDs present the highlights of WSF08. Lindsay Dugan has done a brilliant job filming, editing and producing these DVDs. Though not quite as good as having been there :-) they certainly are a must for anyone who missed the Festival. The DVDs are also an excellent way for the lucky ones who did attend WSF08 to relive some of their innumerable great memories of the Festival.

I just ordered the complete collection. :)

May 2010: David Sawyer Hangs Out Dojo Shingle in Colorado

Our favorite place to shop for Japanese made shakuhachi in the USA, is now also the online home for the newest teacher in Mujuan shakuhachi family. From his website, David informs us:

Shakuhachi Grand Master Kurahashi Yodo II (Kurahashi Yoshio) asked David YĆ«do Sawyer to form the second of only two Mujuan dojo branches outside of Japan, the other being the Texas branch under Stan Kakudo Richardson. Mujuan dojo originated with Kurahashi's father, Yodo in Kyoto.The lineage goes all the way back to the 1930's and originates with the historical shakuhachi player Jin Nyodo, who amassed a very special collection of old honkyoku solo pieces from all over Japan.

David is offering in-person lessons in Louisville, Colorado and one-to-one lessons via the Internet.

Read more at 303-666-5581