Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Shakuhachi BBQ: No modicum of decorum on Forum

So maybe I was falling on my sword a bit when I was copping to being a contributing part of the recent disturbances at Mujitsu and Tairaku's Shakuhachi BBQ aka "Shakuhachi Forum".

If you haven't noticed yet, the Forum is on a brief hiatus. This may have been what has prevented you from posting on your favorite topic for the past two days. Better cancel that service call to AOL. ;0)

I have been reassured from the forum admins that the hiatus will be brief.

As with the last time the Forum took a fishing holiday, the main reason lay in the utter exhaustion (and numbing boredom) of the admins dealing with "the usual posturing, grandstanding and general nastiness from and between a handful of members."

No names were mentioned. I'm almost sorry mine wasn't. My contribution to the forum is a steady spooning out of sarcasm-lite emboldened by a dangerously thin functional knowledge of shakuhachi. In-other-words, I'm generally not taken seriously. (Thus my self-image as a rabble-rousing rebel and innovative thinker has been thrown off the cliff of Higher Knowledge and dashed senselessly to the bloodied Rocks of Reality below where my ego writhes in pity and self-contempt, cast aside like a sucked orange. But I digress ...)

Brian and Ken actually "struggle" to maintain a balance between "Free Speech" and providing a modicum of decorum befitting a forum about shakuhachi (sorry for the rhyme scheme).

I wouldn't be anywhere near so generous. It's just too damn bad that we don't have software that has a good "IGNORE" function on the BBQ. I think some of the mutual poop-casting might diminish if it did.

The Forum does have a BAN function, however. It's just that the admins would have to play the damnable job of pulling the hangman's trap door: comparisons to Stalin, Mao or the H-name wouldn't be far behind. More trudging through the muck, more soul-sucking boredom. End of History.

Why bother?

In my deepest, darkest fantasy I await my appointment as Shakuhachi BBQ Judge-Jury-&-Executioner. That'll fulfill my Napoleon Complex (the true reason behind any blogger's motivation).

Then Brian and Ken can just blame me.

Until then, if you think you are part of the problem that is mucking up our Beloved Shakuhachi BBQ Forum, c'mon over to a little temporary Google Group called "International Shakuhachi Collective" that I have hastily set up and populated with a lot of smart-ass topic threads. Either respond to one of my teasers or start your own thread and give it your best. I really want to hear from you uncensored and out in the open. 'Kay? Love ya! xoxoxoxo

The International Shakuhachi Collective (The People's Republic of Big Bamboo Love & Goodwill) will close upon the Grand Re-Re-Opening of Mujitsu and Tairaku's Shakuhachi BBQ aka "Shakuhachi Forum."

For history on the first BBQ hiatus of 2009 read:

Enjoy your vacation, boys! Y'all come back now, ya' hear?

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