Friday, October 8, 2010

Shakuhachi web radio station SHKO goes live

Colorado musician/composer and now D.J. Michael Doherty has launched a shakuhachi radio channel on called SHaKuhachi Ogawa — or by it's call letters SHKO.

from the radio station's new website: is the online shakuhachi radio station and sound archive of the shakuhachi community. It's mission is to serve the educational, archival, and listening needs of a growing population of shakuhachi enthusiasts, players, and educators.

Shakuhachi Ogawa is currently in the planning and organizational stage, building momentum and resources toward its launch. If you wish to get involved by volunteering either time materials, or money please contact Michael by email here: doherty [at] takiochi .com

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On the Shakuhachi Beat Rating Scale this project gets:
5 utaguchi (highest rating)

To donate on a yearly subscription basis go to You can subscribe anywhere from a $10 per year Shoden Level all the way up the ladder to $100 per year for a Dai Shihan Level making it the quickest and cheapest route to becoming a Grand Master I'll ever have!

For the home page go to:

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Zach said...

Hi Chris -- According to Bill's roster for the "got RO?" workshop on Sunday, we were both there but didn't get a change to talk. I would have liked to have met you to thank you for this amazing resource. I may not be commenting, but I've found your postings very helpful in my initiation process into the world of shakuhachi. Keep up the fantastic work!