Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Shiro playing "Poorman's Shiro"

I made this composite in honor of a 1.9 shakuhachi made by Ken LaCosse of Mujitsu Shakuhachi in San Francisco. James Nyman had it at the time. I dubbed it the poorman's Shiro, after the master Kinko shakuhachi maker Yamaguchi Shiro (pictured). If it ever shows up for sale again, I'll be first in line.


Partager said...

Small shakuhachi world! So, a lost bamboo is only in a small world. I got this 1.8/1.9 from James who told me it goes in pair with a 2.5 from Ken he had, and that I bought from someone else. He told me then you values this one very high, and I exchanged it with a 2.0 jinashi from Perry that I bought from James 3 years+ ago, that was my first shakuhachi I played in concert.
So I will let you now if one day I shall part from Ken's 1.9. It was well used, traveled with it in India and Nepal last year as it it sturdy (and full with James famous green bindings) and light.
So thank you for mentioning. I never played a Shiro, so I just take your words.

Chris Moran said...

That's great! I love hearing about how some of these flutes travel around. They really have a life of their own! I also like the fact that a relatively inexpensive flute plays so well and is so well loved. Let me know when you want to move it on and I'll find a good home for it! Thanks for commenting!