Monday, July 12, 2010

Rest In Peace, Tom Deaver

"A major figure in the transmission of shakuhachi ... One of my favorite shakuhachi Tomism's, 'Do what you think is right.' He's done his work well. Thanks Tom." — Ken LaCosse, Mujitsu Shakuhachi, San Francisco

Dressed layer
upon layer,
I wear a new bamboo hat
and go home.

Jowa, 1785

Messages on the passing of Tom Deaver on Shakuhachi Forum


podunkboy said...

Tom Deaver was my uncle (my dad's stepbrother). We didn't get to see him often, except when he was visiting the States. Last time I saw him was at his mother's 95th birthday dinner. Man, he could put away a steak and baked potato, with butter AND sour cream! He said dairy was hard to come by back in Japan where he lived. He was certainly different.

Dianne said...

Tom was my best friend during the Aspen Academy of Martial Arts days back in 1978-81. We spent many hours together talking. I was in the middle of my modern dance phase, so his music and my dancing was etherial. Last visit was when he bought some red wagons in SanFrancisco to take back to Japan. That was in 1985. We reconnected last year via email. I have had things in storage for 30years and going through them I found the shakuhachi that he gifted me in 1978 just today and now I read of his passing. I thought the instrument had been stolen with so many of my precious items and was so happy to find it but sad to read of my old friend. He came to me today to make me look through old suitcases, and I feel him by my side. Those were the best days of my life.