Wednesday, November 28, 2007


The hottest topics on Shakuhachi Forum for weeks have been the discussions about what constitutes a true ji-nashi flute (a shakuhachi with no filler in the bore) and how it is distinguished from a ji-ari flute (a shakuhachi which is tuned throughout its entire bore with filler)?

See this topic among others in the Ji-nashi part of the forum:

We've been introduced to a new term for a ji-nashi which is tuned with small dabs of ji (filler): ji-mori.

Many of us have been introduced through this discussion to a new term for ji-ari shakuhachi: ji-nuri.

And some of us are reading on the sidelines slightly amused and somewhat confused by the dance of words. ('Amused' in a positive way.)

It is good, often impassioned discussion. Many Internet forum audiences wouldn't have been able to handle this level of debating heat. Shakuhachi Forum almost always seems to rise above conflict to clarity. A rare bird. (I used to participate in Buddhist online discussions that degenerated so quickly and to such depths over differences in theory they would have made gangsters and ax-murderers blush.)

As the ji-ashi discussion progressed, topic moderator Kiku Day reminded every one to take a deep breath. Generally good advice for all shakuhachi players.

— Being an absolute no-body in the international shakuhachi community other than I have a blog and I blab a lot on, I have a few suggestions for new terms for ji-nashi variant shakuhachi (aka ji-mori):

Ji-nashi Lite (Mid-Western Americans could use that one. "More tone, Less filling".)

Nuevo Ji-nashi (Good for the growing Latino shakuhachi culture)

Neo Ji-nashi (For Techie Matrix shakuhachi fans)

Sort-of Ji-nashi (A popular option for the Australian community as per this blogger at: See blog entry: Green Mist..........sort of.)


Ken LaCosse said...


If only the choice was this simple!

Ken LaCosse

Chris Moran said...

Make mine a double. -- cm

Marc said...

Do you know the famous smooth jazz sax player who now plays shakuhachi?

Marc said...

His name is Kenny Geenashi.

Chris Moran said...

Yes, Marc, you really know how to ruin a guy's day. Kenny G plays golf out near here every year and I always wonder how much prison time I would get from running on to the golf course and .... Oh, nevermind.

Marc said...

Just because we don't care for his music doesn't mean we have to root him out.